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Corporate Policy

Our 5 Policies in Real Estate Appraisal

1. Satisfy diversified requirements of our modern society, by integration of other expertise when necessary
2. Acquire and maintain highly developed professional skills, by continual updating of knowledge and skills
3. Ensure compliance with professional ethics: independence and objectivity
4. Provide high quality service in prompt and cost effective manner, but with solid internal check
5. Perform accountability

Our Compliance Policies



Private Information Protection Law

Having established internal rule conformed to Guideline provided by Japanese Association of Real Estate Appraisal. Its contents are consistent with ethical requirements by RICS and IVSC.
Directors in Tokyo Office take their responsibilities as compliance officer.

Real Estate Appraisal Standard

Having performed strict internal check before preparation. Paying close attention to reflect appropriate and prompt amendments when it is revised.
Especially, in case works sharing is demanded like bulk orders, Real Estate Appraiser takes in charge of review separately.

Effort to exclude orders from Anti-social forces

Basically, almost all new orders depend on introduction from well-known persons or parties, and decline orders whose backgrounds are unclear.


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